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The ever-changing, the impulsive, the powerful, the easily swayed and yet fiercely loyal, the suit of Hearts represents the emotion of mankind. We are who we are because of our hearts- our avarice and our love, our dedication and our wrath. The hearts are a burning flame- giver of light, warmth, and possible destroyer.


Humanity at its core is curious. It seeks to control, it seeks to understand, and it seeks to know all that there is to know as a way of bettering and protecting itself. Humans seek knowledge because we know that within knowledge is power. The suit of Minds represents the cold logic of choice and reason and the turning wheels of industry: doing not what is right, but what is best.


No matter how cerebral or ethereal, all of humanity is bound to the physical. Our bodies, our sensations, our pleasures and our afflictions: all of these define our mortal experience and shape us. Within our own mortality we can grow connections to other lives and the world around us, and find ourselves shaped in the crucible of adversity into something greater.


The soul is the intangible aspect of what it means to truly be alive. Beyond mortality, beyond experience, beyond what you may deduce with logic or feel in your heart or experience with your body, the soul is the unending, unwavering steward of the things that you simply know to be true. It is the source of inspiration and of serendipity, and the most enigmatic of all the suits.


Special cards that belong to more than one suit, or none at all, and special promo cards from events, rewards, and Kickstarter.


Sigil cards- one for each player to determine their starting position in life's tangled web.